Having a child this past September has completely changed the way I watch Teen Mom. When my daughter was three weeks old and I hadn't slept more than two hours in a row in her entire lifetime, I remember walking like a zombie out to my living room at 5 AM to get something to clean up the shit smear she got all over my sheets when I tried to change her diaper and I thought, "This is the hardest fucking thing I've ever done in my life. How do idiots do this? How did Amber and Gary do this!?"

Initially, Jenelle Evans' parenting techniques, or lack thereof, were shocking to me and I couldn't believe that she would just unload her human baby off onto her mom like it was a puppy that was only tolerable when it was being cute. But when you become the parent of a newborn, it's really easy to see how someone who isn't mentally and emotionally equipped to deal with a baby could, and probably should, bail. If I were 18, I'd definitely want to smoke weed and hang out with a guy that my mother referred to as "Mr. Disrespectful" instead of breastfeeding all night long, changing dirty diapers, and cringing at an infant's incessant wailing.


That's not to say that Jenelle is inculpable. Watching her bother people to bail her loser boyfriend out of jail is kind of infuriating. But at least her baby is safe with Barb and is wearing shoes and socks in December, unlike Jenelle's friend's baby in the clip above.