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If Hillary Won't Write A "Gender Speech," We'll Do It Ourselves

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After Barack Obama's stunning, revelatory speech on race, many feminists wondered if Hillary Clinton could give a similarly rousing speech on gender. We already figured that Clinton wouldn't be the one to give such a speech, which is why we were so heartened to see that the Huffington Post is taking matters into its own hands. Blogger Marie Wilson thinks we need to "open up the conversation on gender in America," and invites HuffPo commenters to make contributions to a speech on gender. We thought that was a phenomenal idea, and so we are asking you, our fearless Jezebel peanut gallery, to do the same.


We're asking you to add a 15-word or less phrase to a gender speech that we will create in this post. Please number your comments. Our beginning will be part 1. The first comment, therefore, should be numbered 2. The comment after that should be 3. Each comment should build on what the previous comment expressed. Make sense? We realize the comments can often be wonky, so if there are several number 2s and 3s and 4s, that's totally fine. It will be a wild west feminist free-for-all!


We said we'd start, so here goes nothing.

On August 26, 1920, women were given the right to vote in the United States. We've come along way since then, but the current campaign for president has unearthed just how much misogyny is acceptable in public discourse. We live in a country where women still make less money for doing the same jobs; where sexual abuse and harassment continue to run rampant through every city and state; where only 14% of the senate is female. We need to keep fighting to make these inequalities dissipate and to do so means never giving up the struggle.

Now you go!

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@thenwemadeout: Amen.

Margaret Atwood came to speak to my freshman college class, and a girl asked her if The Handmaid's Tale was a story talking about the unique way women have of oppressing women. Atwood gave her this LOOK. And told her that, no, people oppress each other everywhere, not just women oppressing women, but Indians oppressing Indians in the Raj, etc.