If A Girl Gets A Spa Treatment And No One Films It, Did It Really Happen?

Good Morning America is so fresh out of ideas that they're watching month-old episodes of the Today Show for inspiration. Diane Sawyer and Co. are just picking up the tween spa meme and running it into the ground. Some six year olds are getting their hair chemically straightened, some 12-year-old girls are getting bikini waxes, preteen boys remain cruel, as always. Clip of dismayed reporters and smug mommies above.

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@TheGarlicSong: @haguenite: Call me vain, but, as an Italian woman cursed with naturally insane brows, if my little girl wanted her eyebrows waxed, and they looked anything like mine did, at any age, I would say yes. Sadly, I feel the best description of my eyebrows comes from "The Princess Diaries."

"If Brooke Shields and Groucho Marx had a baby it would have your eyebrows."

Downside: I have to get waxed at least every three months. This has been my life since I was 13. Sadder still, it SHOULD have been my life since I was about 7.

Upside: With big eyebrows, you have a lot to work with, so once they are waxed they look great.