Many congratulations to your imaginary husband Idris Elba for landing the September cover of Details! And congratulations to Details' Adam Sachs for writing one of the most panty-dropping sentences ever committed to print:

Elba is wrapped in a pinstripe apron and sipping peppermint tea in the kitchen of an old warehouse.

SCHA-WIIIIIIIIING. The domestic life that so many of us have dreamt about is coming into fruition and sadly, we are not invited.

A big portion of Elba's Details interview focuses on his love of cooking (the reason he's in the warehouse kitchen, "wrapped in a pinstripe apron and sipping peppermint tea," is because he's contributing a recipe to Jamie Oliver's upcoming cookbook):

"I like to cook," he says. "I went to Trinity boys' school, Canning Town, East London, the edge of the industrial world. But we had this home-economics class where you got tough lads like me and my mates learning how to cook, and I absolutely loved that."


The other portion is devoted to photos of him shirtless:

Either way, it's a very, very informative article.

Images via Details.