In a move that even someone with zero legal training could have told you was an insanely bad idea, a judge in Pennsylvania went into the online court system and dismissed her own traffic summonses. Judge Kelly Ballentine had two parking tickets from 2010 and a third ticket for expired registration on her BMW sedan that she hadn't paid on time. She was mailed summonses, but instead of dealing with them like a normal person—and like the court insists everyone else does—she just logged onto the court records system and got rid of them. Must be nice...Oh, except it isn't, because she got busted. And now she's facing criminal charges and is out on $25,000 bond, which is probably considerably more than the original three tickets would have run her. Not to mention she'll never work as a judge again, so now she's also out a salary. Probably not even a little late night trip into the court's computers can save her now.

Judge busted for dismissing her own traffic tickets [Reuters]

Image via Svetlana Larina/Shutterstock.