ICYMI: Barbara Walters Refuses to Take George Zimmerman's Phone Call Live on The View

Apparently, George Zimmerman never got the "Don't Fuck With Barbara Walters" memo. In case you missed it: Yesterday on The View, an obviously perturbed Walters relayed "an odd and disappointing" experience she had with Zimmerman this week in which she rejected his last-minute demands that ABC News put him and his wife up for a month in a hotel room in exchange for an interview. He must've been watching, because he promptly phoned into the live show—a call that she pointedly would not take, as she threw some major shade down on him.


As Walters explained it, the Trayvon Martin shooter had "promised" her an interview, for which she, her producers, and a camera crew all flew down to Florida to conduct on Wednesday. However, when Zimmerman arrived, he refused to film unless she met certain demands that Walters would not divulge, saying only that it was something she could not grant "being a member of ABC News." (The network has a policy against paying for interviews.) The New York Post, however, says that Zimmerman had demanded that ABC News pick up a month-long hotel tab for him and his wife. Walters was reportedly "appalled," particularly after she had already agreed to his prior demand that she play second fiddle to Sean Hannity and air her interview with him after his Hannity interview aired.

Walters went on to reveal that Zimmerman—who is presumably unemployed as he remains in hiding—has blown through the $209,000 intended for his defense fund, which he'd raised through strangers' donations on his website. (His wife Shellie is currently facing perjury charges regarding the cash.) She described him as "polite, soft-spoken, and stubborn" as well as "desperate for money."


In a later segment, Zimmerman called in to the show, and was patched through to Walters' earpiece, but she refused to speak to him, saying only, "Mr. Zimmerman, if you could not do the interview yesterday, I don't think we should do a quick one today," adding, "We will now continue with our program with the people who agree to interviews and then come here."

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What an Olympian piece of shit.