You know what my favorite thing to do after a long week of racial unrest in America? Watch a white girl sing the word “nigga.” Oh my God, I love it. Thankfully Kendall Jenner, carrying on her family’s unyielding thirst for attention, is doing just that in a new video featuring Drake. Happy Friday y'all!

In the clip for PartyNextDoor’s single “Recognize,” Kendall and a Kylie Jenner standin (the real Kylie doesn't appear until the clip's end) drive around Los Angeles, shoot some hoops and do what white comedians have joked about for decades; secretly lip-synching “nigga” away from any people of color who would snatch you into a reality where you’re not allowed to say that word. But you know, when you’re a Kardashian-Jenner, off-limit word rules only apply to other people or, say, a situation where the inflammatory word is oddly used by your dance partner in Vienna when he gets weird.

Oh, the tangled (mostly) orchestrated life we lead.

White people, listen to me (and Chris Rock), you can’t have everything and using the word “nigga” is one of the things you can’t have. You don’t look edgy or like you're super close friends with the scruffy-as-of-late Aubrey Graham. You look ignorant saying something intertwined with slavery, Jim Crow segregation, lynching, peonage (look it up), rap and this week, Ferguson, Missouri. This ain’t the week for it Jenner fembots, this ain’t the week.