I'm sorta cynical, but the allegations of the all these U.S. American victims of sex crimes in Iraq have gotten so incomprehensibly heinous, it's starting to sound, like a lawyer here points out, like "a bad joke." See, it isn't enough that Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped and then locked in a shipping container, or that a young Florida woman had her room keys made available to any fellow contractor who wished to break in and fuck her, which is why we now get to test our absurdity thresholds with the story of mom of five Tracy Barker. When a superior told her he'd protect her if only she slept with him, she called an ethics hotline, after which she was locked in her room for three days. Then when State Department translator Ali Mokhtare tried to rape her, an investigator for the State Department told her to wear the same clothes she was wearing the night of the attack to see if she was, you know, asking for it.

Luckily, you know, her kinda-matronly ensemble convinced the investigator to advocate prosecuting Mokhtare, but it wasn't so easy convincing the Justice Department...Here's her story from Friday's 20/20.The full interview is here.