I Want To Work For Diddy: Laverne Wins Hearts Early

I always thought that one of the benefits of being transgendered (since, as we all know, it comes with a lot of disadvantages, both social and financial — the costs of hormones and operations) is that you get to choose your own name. So at first, I thought it was sort of strange that the MTF on I Want to Work for Diddy, which premieres tonight on VH1, chose the name "Laverne". But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Loved it, actually. I also love that there's a transgendered person competing to be Diddy's assistant at all; you don't see many people in the transgendered community featured on reality television. Anyway, as much as Diddy himself sucks, this show seems like it's going to be sofa king amazing. Clip above.


Erin Gloria Ryan

@J.D.Regent: Laverne, of course, is French for "the Vern."