New research coming from Canada (the land of delicious maple candy and also freedom of sexual expression) suggests that during ovulation, women prefer penetration to oral sex. And while their self-reported answers may not have suggested this, the study found that their genitals told a different story.

To conduct the study, Kelly Suschinsky, of Queen's University, asked a group of 22 heterosexual women to watch pornographic films from the 90s (The hair! The Outfits!) during different points in their menstrual cycles. Then, she measured which scenes they were most aroused by. What Suschinsky found was that male-female penetration porn garnered the most arousal, despite what subjects said.

In order to measure genital arousal, Suschinsky used a vaginal photoplethysmograph to gather data on how much blood was flowing through the vagina as the women watched each type of scene. God, this is why I would never take part in such a study. I would be all "I like the part where they are doing the hardcore stuff with all the dangly bits best" and the little penis cuff that they put on you (I learned this from Law and Order: SVU) would be all "no, lol, this loser just likes to watch them hug and kiss, lol." I almost wonder if Suschinsky presented her subjects with the results by asking them which scenes they were most aroused by and then slamming her hand on her desk and screaming "LIAR! IT WAS DOGGY STYLE PENETRATION!"

This information is important because not only does it show that there might be some disconnect between what the mind perceives as arousing and what the body does, but it also provides information about sexual preferences. According to the study, where a woman is in her menstrual cycle may influence a couple's first sexual liaison (I think this is a better word than encounter) and may set the stage for future sexual preferences. (I know that there is no analogous study for men, but I want to make it clear that my first sexual encounter with my current partner ended with him needing to be bandaged because I have no spatial reasoning abilities and accidentally pushed him off the bed.) (That has set the tone for our relationship.)

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