I Thee Dread: Soon-To-Be Bride Makes Herself Sick

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Today's Mirror prints a confession from a self-described Bridezilla named Kelly Doig. Like most overeager brides, she was completely obsessed. It all started when the hotel she booked "went bust" and she had to find a new location. "But that incident made me realize things don't always work out how you want them to," she says. "Two little horns sprouted out of my head and Bridezilla was born. After that, from the flowers to the cake, I had to know that everything was in hand." She started dreaming, night after night, that the wedding was a disaster. She snapped at her bridesmaids and lost weight from stress. And the day before her wedding, she had a huge seizure and landed in the hospital. She was released in time to make the nuptials, but she was "so dosed up" on medication she doesn't remember the ceremony clearly.

And three months later, she had another full-blown seizure. "A neurologist diagnosed me with epilepsy and said the condition had been triggered by all the stress I'd been under," she says. This bride is now on medication for life. Feel free to forward this to your engaged friend who is losing her mind. Subject line: Calm the fuck down.

Bridezilla: I Was So Obsessed With My Wedding Day [Mirror]

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Let's not forget how much the EXTENDED FAMILY's neurosis and issues are baited by an upcoming wedding.

I was my best friend's maid of honor, and I kid you not, her mom and dad stole the dress and veil she had bought, locked them in a room and made her wear the dress and veil that THEY bought. This was just one eentsie teensie side show in a vast rolling circus.

The sad part was, my friend is a very low-key, no makeup kind of girl and she was just doing this to please them. The parents (groom's parents turned psycho as well; you'd think a minister would have more common sense) completely lost sight of this being the COUPLE'S day, not a photoshopped replay of their own wedding 30 years earlier.