I Still Don't Understand This Munchausen Fight From the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Part one of Tuesday night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion was spent exactly as longtime viewers of the show expected—with the women arguing over who said what in regards to Yolanda Foster’s Lyme disease and/or Munchausen syndrome.


This has been the conflict that’s commanded almost all of Season 6's storylines, which—honestly—is too bad because it’s boring as hell. Worse than that, it’s also confusing as hell—which, considering how much it was discussed on and off camera, is almost a triumph.

From what I can tell, much of the contention boils down to an off-camera moment between Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, and Kyle Richards, wherein the trio discussed the rumor that Yolanda—who’s long been publicly suffering from chronic Lyme—was inventing her symptoms for attention and sympathy. Also allegedly discussed was how they could use a Munchausen storyline to their advantage throughout the season.

That Yolanda would be upset about this is understandable, but the rest of it—from the audience’s perspective—is a befuddling blur.

So here’s what’s clear. A hair stylist told Lisa Rinna she thought Yolanda had Munchausen syndrome, Rinna told Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, Vanderpump attempted to manipulate Rinna into dragging Kyle into [undetermined] drama, a storyline got muddled and...that’s where I lose the thread. (Also, Rinna allegedly wears a wig.)

Someone please explain this fight to me. I’ve sunk way too many hours of my life watching into this show to walk away now.


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After watching this idiocy play out all season, I’m left with three possibilities:

1) none of this is real or impactful in their own lives but it was the biggest drama they had to talk about;

2) Lisa Rinna is one of those people whose brains plays a constant game of telephone and 24 hours later, she mentally adds in all sorts of things that weren’t actually said;

3) or Lisa Vanderpump really is some friendship criminal mastermind. Though she’s a busy lady, I don’t know why she would actively participate in this fight.