The Voting Public Apparently Believes in SNL More Than Trump

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Polls! What do they even tell us? Mostly, they confirm that a terrifying number of people know nothing and don’t care about truth, but also that they love Melissa McCarthy, so it’s not all bad.

Two different polls from Public Polling Policy on Friday have shown that Trump’s credibility is generally in the toilet, at least if you think it’s ridiculous to believe in a sketch TV show more than an American president. Voters are now going to Saturday Night Live (and the New York Times, bless) instead of Trump’s Twitter account to see what’s up:

The New York Times has repeatedly been a target of Trump’s attacks, but voters say they think the Times had more credibility than them 52/37. Trump seems to be losing ground in that conflict- he was only down 51/42 a week ago. The Presidency has been so diminished over the last 3 weeks that voters even say Saturday Night Live has more credibility than Trump, 48/43.


Unfortunately, the second poll seems to indicate that for a wide swathe of Trump supporters, things like fact-checking will never mean a damn thing. They’d rather believe Kellyanne Conway’s account of the massacre that never was:

66% of Americans consider the United States to be a safe country, to only 23% who consider it unsafe. Perhaps as an outgrowth of that sentiment only 45% of voters support Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, to 49% who are opposed to it. Among those who do support it you have to wonder how well thought out their position is- by a 51/23 margin Trump voters say that the Bowling Green Massacre shows why Trump’s immigration policy is needed.

This is why Comet Ping Pong pizzeria will be haunted by conspiracy theorists until the day DC is blasted into a crater. So, for like another year, maybe?

Despite this negativity, Trump is here for polls, like this one he got from Morning Consult. The article is actually making a point about Trump’s declining approval rate, but whatever, here’s the chart:


Polls: they’ll prove and disprove anything.

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