Charlie Hunnam's Boner Is Really Excited About Fifty Shades of Grey

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Anyone who's worried about Charlie Hunnam's boner getting stage fright on the set of the Fifty Shades movie better think again, because Charlie Hunnam's boner is unflappable. More than that — it's a veteran boner, having done a tour of duty in Queer as Folk more than a decade ago.

Asked if he's ready for all the graphic sex duties that come with playing Christian Grey, Hunnam said:

My first job was on a Channel 4 miniseries called Queer as Folk. It was incredibly explicit sexual scenes with a man. I mean I'm 16 and 17 years wiser now. So if I could do it when I was 18 with a guy, I can certainly do it at 33 with a lady.


He also said that he and co-star Dakota Johnson have "tangible chemistry," which could mean that this movie will one day replace Showgirls as go-to, premium cable masturbation material for a whole generation of 13-year-olds. [THR]

  • Here's Nick Cannon teaching Bethenny Frankel how to...well, not really twerk, I guess. Just sort of...move around at the hips. It's weird. [Radar]
  • Kristen Cavallari was made to post bond of $150 last night after Evanston police arrested her for driving (really, really fast) in Illinois with an out-of-state license, something you can't do if you've lived in Illinois for 90 days. [CBS]
  • Perpetually suspicious celebrity Simon Cowell was named on a list of celebrities linked in some way with "rogue private investigators." [Telegraph]
  • Jennifer Lopez has signed on for the role of "newly separated mother who begins an affair with a teenage neighbor and runs into trouble when she tries to break it off" in the upcoming thriller The Boy Next Door #wordplay. [Variety]
  • Girls just wrapped shooting its third season Friday night, and Zosia Mamet celebrated by heckling the designers at Fashion Week. [USA Today]
  • Joe Jonas said some dickish things about that time he dated Taylor Swift in 2008, including that it was he who broke up with Swift. Then he added that basically everyone breaks up with Taylor Swift. Then he turned into Pumpkinhead and vomited seeds all over his interviewer. [NYDN]
  • Here's Eminem acting like he's been kidnapped and taken to the broadcast booth at last night's Michigan-Notre Dame game. [Buzzfeed]
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  • What's this? Liam Hemsworth was so mortified by Miley Cyrus's VMA Twerktacular that he may call off their nuptials? This sounds like the beginning of a great Miley Cyrus comeback song, à la "You Outta Know." [NYDN]
  • Tom Hiddleston is now the brightest star in the cinema firmament, just FYI. [LA Times]
  • Also, that hipster Detroit vampire movie Hiddleston stars in with Tilda Swinton is supposed to be super-cool. [Vanity Fair]
  • Kim Jho Gwang-Soo, an openly gay movie director in super-conservative South Korea, held an unofficial marriage ceremony with his partner Kim Seung-Hwan in Seoul on Saturday. They would have gotten married for realz, but South Korea doesn't legally recognize same-sex unions. [AFP]
  • Good morning, your childhood is now a smoldering pile of ruins: Tami Erin, the woman who once played Pippi Longstocking, is preempting her fartcloud of an ex-boyfriend by releasing their sex tape before he releases it. SO THERE. [TMZ]
  • Justin Bieber was the target of a hoax about zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. [TMZ]
  • Zach Galifiankis skipped on the rest of the Toronto Film Festival to be with his wife as she went into labor. [E!]
  • George Zimmerman will continue to pay his estranged wife's living expenses from his legal defense fund. [TMZ]
  • Dr. Phil is actually a pod person. [TMZ]
  • Lady Gaga is actually a luchador. [Just Jared]
  • And now, for your mild amusement — Drake-ing Bad.

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I really don't think 50SOG can compete with a sex scene as realistic and scintillating as this: