I Only Learned Four Things From Taylor Swift's 73 Questions Video

Taylor Swift is the subject of Vogue’s latest 73 Questions video, and boy is it a disappointment. (Compared to Sarah Jessica Parker’s wonderful installment, they’ve all been pretty dull.) Though it was sort of fun to get an intimate glimpse of Swift’s Beverly Hills home, I learned only four interesting things during the rapid-fire Q&A.


And here they are.

1. She loves the movie The Martian.

Swift brought up the 2015 blockbuster The Martian twice in the 10-minute video—first, when asked to name something that recently moved her (“The movie The Martian.”) and second, when asked to name a movie that made her cry her eyes out (“Oh my god, The Martian!”).

The Martian also moved me to tears—which marks the second thing Taylor Swift and I have in common, after the fact that we have both shared a stage with Joan Baez and Julia Roberts. Granted, my performance alongside Joanie and Ju-Ju (I call them Joanie and Ju-Ju) occurred during a dream I had while battling a particularly nasty cold, but still.

2. Calvin Harris planted an olive tree in her yard.

When asked to name the best gift she’s ever received, Swift said, “My boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for Christmas.” Because she didn’t refer to the man as an “ex,” it’s safe to assume the boyfriend in question was Adam “Calvin Harris” Wiles.

Why would he plant an olive tree in her yard? Is it because Swift loves black olives (they’re the most common variety of olive grown in California)? Maybe it’s because olive branches represent peace! Or, if you want to get super tabloidy about the whole thing, it could mean something even juicier.

Here’s a passage I found on a website that may or may not be completely unreliable:

Fertility was another one of the olive tree’s attributes. Athena was Goddess of fertility and as has been previously mentioned, her symbol was the olive tree which was one of the trees most cultivated in Greece and its fruit fed the Hellenes for centuries. As a result, the families who looked to gain fertility in their soils, looked to this tree.


Looks like Adam “Calvin Harris” Wiles and Taylor Swift are trying to get preggo, folks!

3. She hung a very interesting quote in her entryway.


As the video ends, we’re given a brief glimpse of a framed quote on the wall of Swift’s entryway. It says, “You have successfully buried yourself inside my head,” and is dated 2/26/15.

Tumblr’s most active Taylor Swift stans have already picked up on the date, and pointed out that she met Adam “Calvin Harris” Wiles just two days before. Was that the first romantic thing he ever said to her? Maybe. The first romantic thing she said to him? Possibly! Could it have been designed with a nicer font? Definitely.


4. Her friends know all her secrets.

When asked to name something that surprises her, Swift said:

“I’m pleasantly surprised by the fact that I tell my friends absolutely everything, and it never ends up getting out.”


If you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to find the hippest, sexiest coding class in Manhattan and befriend Karlie Kloss.

Images via Vogue.

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no mention of the VODKA DIET COKE as her favorite COCKTAIL? She just out-basic(ed) herself.