Our reader in Iowa (or ahem, our caucus correspondent) took your comments to heart! And caucused for Obama. And emailed us immediately afterwards. God, the internet is like, magical. I wonder if there's any tequila here? Related: should we get worried about Huckabee? I'm thinking no.

OK, so here's how it went down.

I ended up caucusing for Obama. I hesitated because I think that the South is going to slaughter him. [But there are actually black people in the South! And Oprah totally brought them around in South Carolina, right? -Moe] But I need to rethink my stereotypes, because I don't want you NY'ers to think I'm a hick, so why would I think that the south is full of racists.

There were three times as many people this year than four years ago. We had about 330 people in our precinct show up.

110 stood up for Obama, 112 for Hillary, 54 or so for Edwards, and the rest for various other candidates, who were deemed "not viable". Those people caucusing for the others could leave the caucus or choose a viable candidate. After representatives of each of the three viable candidates spoke to the other caucus goers (neighbors you know and some you don't). After I offered a really cute guy a date for switching (he just laughed). We moved around and voted again. This all happens in plain view, nothing is hidden or private. We ended up with about 125 Obama, 120 for Hillary and about 80 for Edwards. That meant that we would send four delegates for Obama to the county caucus, four Hillary delegates, and two Edwards delegates. I was elected to be a delegate for Obama. This is how the democrats do it. The republicans toss their votes in a hat and then they go. A literal hat.

Since I brought my incredibly cute kid, and I geekishly knitted while boring stuff was happening, a news crew from Channel 5 (NBC) in Chicago videotaped us for what seemed FOREVER, and I had NO lipstick on. I tried to take pictures, but I was told that only media would be allowed to do that.

So that's what happened. There will be no attention when we do the real votes at the county level. We were home by 8PM.

I've heard a lot of rumors of Obama sweeping other precincts here in Des Moines. We have a wide array of really rich and really poor people in our district, and the rich are some of the most politically connected in the state. The former governor is in our district, former attorney general, former democrat party leader, and many many local elected officials. I believe our precinct caucus was out of proportion with the Hillary votes because the super rich people in our neighborhood all like her.

Hope this finds you well!

Um, well enough indeed!

P.S. What's wrong with Howard Dean? He looks...uh...diifferent.