'I May Reach Out' to Lindsay Lohan, Says Mel Gibson, Best Idea-Haver Ever

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This can only end well. Mel Gibson says he "may reach out" to Lindsay Lohan to help her through her current, um, rough patch. As much as I want to mock and deride him for being a rageaholic anti-Semite or whatever (I can't keep track anymore), in the video Mel actually comes across as kind of humble and endearing and weary and wrinkly and earnest.

"I know Lindsay."
"Have you reached out to her?"
"Yeah, before. I may again. Sure, what the hell? Where is she?
"She's in New York, getting herself in a lot of trouble. Again."
"Well, we all know about that. Takes one to know one."


Awww, go for it. Just please film it for some sort of reality show. [DigitalSpy]

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Not to be outdone by yesterday-Katt-Williams, Katt Williams has now quit stand-up and is threatening to sue the city of Seattle for $50 million and move his entire family on to a derelict ferry boat and thereby SHOW EVERYONE.

During an interview with KOMO in which he accuses the police force of painting him as a public menace, Williams told the outlet he's offered the government $301,000 for the Washington State Ferry Rhododendron, which recently went up for auction and failed to sell. He wants to move his family, his animals and his staff members onto the vessel so it can serve as a makeshift hotel until his upcoming court date. Following that, he'd like to keep it as his home base in order to file a $50 million lawsuit against the city of Seattle for "cripping" his reputation "as a father and a black man and as a taxpaying citizen and as a person who is not a convicted felon".

You know. Like ya do. [CinemaBlend]

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Here is a thing you're going to need to know about: Katy Perry is designing her own flavor of PopChips:

As you can see from the candid shots of Katy in the test food kitchen, the flavor has yet to be finalized, but that's not stopping John Mayer's current squeeze from her very thorough taste examination of all possible ingredients, sampling from a wide variety of potential candidates.

In other words, yes, she's getting paid to eat chips. Nice work if you can get it.

But mark your calendars, Katycats and snack food connoisseurs: the Perry-perfected flavor will be revealed in mid-January.


MY MONEY'S ON "PLASTIC BAG." Leave your guesses in the comments and we'll see who wins. We'll call it "Fantasy Katy Perry PopChips Flavor DraftBall." [E!]

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Matt and Amy Roloff—stars of Little People, Big World—speak out against "dwarf tossing":

"I have been an activist in the community for a very long time," Matt tells Radar. "I've worked to have people stop using the term midget, including famous people like Jimmy Kimmel. So, you can imagine, when I hear about dwarf tossing it just upsets me. Why are people doing this still, in this day and age?"

Amy, who often disagrees with her husband on their hit TLC reality show, thoroughly agrees with him on this particular subject, and says she wonders why little people agree to participate in something so degrading.

"Why are people letting this happen to them?" She asks. "Besides being really physically dangerous, they must have some reason to feel so bad about themselves that they think it is ok to have someone else throw them around for entertainment purposes."


Dear human beings of earth, who apparently need to be told shit like this: Little people are people. It's right there in the name. Do not toss them. Thank you. [Radar]

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    Here's what Miranda Kerr's granny told her to do to "keep" Orlando Bloom:

    "My grandma said, ‘Men are very visual, so don't forget that,'" Miranda shared. "She said, ‘Every day, put a little makeup on, put on some nice underwear, and you'll keep your husband.'"




Anyone else remember when Mel reached out to Britney during her tough times? They went out to private dinners a few times.