A Florida-based liquor company is claiming that their vodka can increase sexual desire in women. Lust Vodka is a “six-time distilled, gluten-free vodka made out of water from natural aquifers” created by a team of liquor enthusiasts. You might expect they’d be basing their claim on a presence of speculated aphrodisiacs such as chili pepper or chocolate, but the booze contains neither. While the ingredients do contain anise, which is another theoretical aphrodisiac, it surprisingly doesn’t focus on the seed as the source of arousal.

Instead, Lust Vodka says the horny effect comes from two things. First, they claim that through the power of suggestion, you’ll get turned on by the name of their liquor. So with that theory, if you slap the word “lust” on a package of beef jerky you should immediately get in the mood to bone, right? Lust Vodka would probably argue because it would be missing their second important sexual ingredient—alcohol. “Studies have shown that acute alcohol consumption tends to cause increased levels of testosterone and estradiol in women. Since testosterone controls in part the strength of libido in women, this tends to cause an increased interest in sex,” states in a press release.


The possibility of Lust Vodka’s horn powers through the placebo effect are detailed over at Refinery29, but the brand could have done a little more by throwing some of those other aphrodisiacs in there or at least hiring Channing Tatum to be their spokesperson. Looks like I will be conducting an extreme horny experiment by ordering two bottles of Lust Vodka, typing the word “lust” one hundred times and eating a platter of oysters before watching Magic Mike XXL next week. Maybe I’ll end up in the hospital.

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