Biggest Celebrity Yet Signs On to Support Trump at Inauguration

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

The celebrity festivities are coming together slowly but surely in D.C., where the biggest celebrity guest so far was just announced at one of the balls planned for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Folks, I won’t lie to you—the B Street Band, America’s number one Bruce Springsteen tribute band, is confirmed to play at the Garden State Gala, hosted by Chris Christie in what may be the saddest night of his life to date.

Not only could Christie not get the real Bruce to come, at least in part because the real Bruce doesn’t like Chris Christie, the invitation for the ball also warns Trump will probably blow the whole thing off, at least in part because he doesn’t like Chris Christie either.


“Note that we are sending formal invitations to attend to the new President and Vice President. We hope they will come, but we want our ticket buyers to know upfront that their attendance is not guaranteed at this point,” the event page warns.

To Christie’s credit, however, he’s managed to land the most famous entertainment of any of the parties—Trump’s own official ball, apparently themed with a “soft sensuality,” will feature the dulcet tones of an ‘80s cover band called The Reagan Years.

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poo javelin

Somehow a man impersonating a politician being serenaded by a man impersonating a musician seems so perfect!