Ultraviolet, the reproductive rights advocacy group, released a new public service announcement today, highlighting the hidden emotional and financial costs of campus rape.

As the PSA points out, one 2010 study estimated that one rape ā€œcostsā€ the victim $151,423. Rape survivors are estimated to lose roughly $138,310, in things like medical costs, lost future earnings, and lost quality of life costs, while the ā€œjustice costsā€ when the crime is prosecuted are roughly $8,503. The authors estimated that the average total cost of a rape to the victim and the public is $448,532.

Ultraviolet points out, too, that the emotional costs for the victim can be devastating: bullying, isolation, lost income, sharing an campus with oneā€™s assailant, and the prospect of having to drop out. And twenty-three states allow rapists to sue for custody rights if their victim gets pregnant.

This is one of a series of new ads the non-profit is producing to draw attention to what they see as particularly stigmatized issues. Ultraviolet previously criticized Gawker Mediaā€™s ad sales department for declining to run an ad about abortion on Jezebel.


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