If you have not yet been sold on Snapchat, I recommend downloading the app, signing up for an account, and following two people: Kate Hudson and Rob Kardashian. Hudson, because she uses the app so frequently that her Snap Story will motivate you to do the same; and Kardashian, because it’s quickly becoming [what feels like] the only genuine/unscripted/filter-free footage of the Kardashian-Jenner family in existence.

Below is a video of Kylie Jenner that Rob snapped Sunday afternoon. In it, watch Kylie take selfie after selfie in the mirror—completely oblivious to the fact that her brother is not only filming her, but screaming, “Hey you,” at her over and over and over and over again. She’s not doing anything we don’t see her do all the time anyway, but from this angle—from Rob’s lens—it has became a hypnotic (and slightly alarming) exploration of vanity at its most privileged and rewarded.

I’ve been watching it on repeat all morning.

Said my coworker Jia Tolentino: “Oh my god. Kylie as Bratz Doll Narcissus.”



Sarah Jessica Parker recently found a “vintage cast iron sink” in someone else’s trash and took it home. To be fair, it was West Village trash, but, you know, trash is trash, and the image of SJP rummaging through it is pretty hysterical. Imagine seeing her out your window.

“Honey, is that...is that...?”

“Oh my god, it’s the kid from Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Going through our garbage. Guess things didn’t work out for her like they did for Helen Hunt.”


[Page Six]

Here’s a photo of Lil Kim.



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