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Saturday Night Social: Hosted by Lions Having a Gay Ole Time

Illustration for article titled Saturday Night Social: Hosted by Lions Having a Gay Ole Time

If I were a male lion, I would honestly love to roll in a field during the sunset celebrating each other’s strength. This picture is genuinely romantic.


Says Peeping Tom photographer Nicole Cambrie:

According to our guide they had only started their behaviour that same week. These intruder males had pushed out the resident males earlier in the year and the other female lions had headed into the Mopani woodlands, an area difficult to access with a safari vehicle. Only one lioness was seen in the centre of the concession where the male lions were and the lions showed no interest in the lioness leading to the assumption that she may have been pregnant. One of the lions was wearing a collar and our guide thought that they may have crossed from Namibia. It is the first time I have seen homosexual behaviour in lions but when reading about it upon my return, it is not that uncommon. With the light just around sunset, it gave some spectacular images.


Have a spectacular Saturday!

Image via Nicole Cambrie.

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This is now my 5th presidential election that I’m voting in and I can honestly say that I don’t know who is going to get my vote on Tuesday in NY. I lean towards both Hillary and Bernie for different reasons and they also agree on so many important issues. I realize this is a good problem to have because it’s not a lesser of two evils situation for me (yay!).

May I ask the fellow Democrats who you are voting for (or have voted for in the primaries) and why you chose that candidate?