I Love This Kittens Learning to Walk Compilation

Let's all settle back and watching nearly three minutes of adorable kittens learning to walk for the first time.

THE MEWING. And all the little kitten feets-ies! (Team Cat worked extra hard in compiling this video.) I love the ones that go right up to the camera. "Hey buddy? A little help here maybe? Put the darn camera down and help me out. I'm trying to learn to use these fuzzy long things that come out of body. One of the other cats told me I can use them to go find food." Let's let these kittens lead us into a better week, folks.

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I adopted a cat that was born in my garage and promptly abandoned by his mother because he had a cold and conjunctivitis. I got him cleaned up and took him in and was playing with him one night and he started running towards me, and then was sort of running sideways at me, next thing I knew his rump was facing me and he was on the ground. I had a heart stopping moment of thinking his mother had actually abandoned him because she realized he was brain damaged, until I watched him get up and try again a little more steady and realized that the little booger didn't know how to run and was trying to figure it out. Cutest thing ever.