Project Runway Is Filming Another Teen Spinoff

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This summer, New York City will flood with the tears of overworked teens when Lifetime begins filming Project Runway Junior, a spinoff of Project Runway hosted by Tim Gunn and Sports Illustrated model Hannah Davis.


After first testing the waters with an 8-episode run of Project Runway: Threads in 2014, which featured kids as young as 12, Lifetime is making a few adjustments. Contestants will range from ages 14-17, and judges will include Christian Siriano, Project Runway’s favorite (and only) success story, and Cosmopolitan executive fashion editor Aya Kanai.

Questions, obviously, remain: Will there be a crop top challenge? Will the sewing machines be replaced by a giant bin of glue guns? Will Tim Gunn enter the workroom one day only to find the strongest and most creative teen standing atop a pile of bloody corpses? We’ll find out, when Project Runway Junior premieres on Lifetime this fall!

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I love PR, but these teen shows are generally awful. Not everything has to be remade with juveniles. I’m looking at you, Muppet Babies. And you’re getting the side-eye too, MasterChef Jr.