I Love Money: Pumkin May Or May Not Have An Eating Disorder

It sort of goes without saying that a lot of the cast members on these VH1 dating shows are kind of gross. Not because of how they look, but because of how they act. On last night's episode of I Love Money, Pumkin — the one who explained on the first episode that she's "a little ghetto" — decided that she needed to turn on the waterworks in order to win sympathy with Destiney, the girl who, ironically, would decide whether or not Pumkin would go home or stay in the game. Pumkin sobbed as she told Destiney that she used to have an eating disorder, and used to be a "big bitch." However, we're not that convinced that she's that good of an actress, so we're thinking that maybe there's some truth to her admission. Whatever the case, the plan worked, and she stayed. Clip above.


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zap rowsdower

"I didn't mean to hit a nerve"? After, "Did you let yourself go?"