I Love Money Is The Root Of All Schadenfreude

I Love Money, VH1's new show in which cast members from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and I Love New York compete for cash, was pretty much everything it promised to be: Trashy, gross, awesome. In this clip, from the first episode, Pumkin, an alum from the first Flavor of Love — whose biggest contribution to pop culture, thus far, has been hocking a loogie on New York during elimination — says that if she wins the money in question, she will get boob job to fit in. This statement might be sarcastic, but it's questionable as to whether she has a grasp on how to even structure a joke like that. Anyway, this leads to a verbal altercation in which one girl calls her a "saggy boob sock." Also, Pumkin's nipple is exposed for pretty much the entire time. Classy!


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@angryblackgurl: You MUST see the most recent episode of Bridezilla. I think they have two of the most horrible women ever.

One keeps screaming at everyone and the other demands that her sister get her eyebrows trimmed while she rocks a small beard.

Must see tv indeed.