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I Love Money: Battle Of The Blondes

The "Of Love" universe of VH1 (Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York) is full of total skanks. Not to be completely judgmental, but let's get real here: the cast members make for good TV because they behave so badly. On last night's reunion of I Love Money, Megan, who wore a bikini for every scene the entire season and was hated by almost everyone in the house, was admonished by Heather, the stripper from Rock, and Pumkin, the cheerleading coach from Flavor, for being a "dirty, filthy, whore, skank." It's hard to tell where they draw the line, because Heather was wearing a stripper dress slit up the sides past her ass cheeks, and Pumkin has both a foul attitude and mouth. Oh, and Heather took the opportunity on stage to tell one of the cast members she'd slept with to "go home and learn how to make people come."

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This show was horrible. Isn't there a charm school version coming up?

And I like Heather more. She's a stripper yes, but so what? Also, Megan's crap comment about Pumpkin's breasts being saggy. Booooo Megan. And stop subjecting that dog to your foolishness.