The Victoria's Secret fashion show airs tonight, but what you won't see are the scores of thirsty male celebrities panting outside for a seat.

Tickets to the event aren't for sale, so some dudes resort to such thirst tactics as bribing friends lucky enough to receive a ticket or outright begging, all for a chance to "model-shop" and hopefully seduce an angel to hang out with them. And maybe, just maybe, a Victoria's Secret executive will do the matchmaking legwork for them.


Former Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisutti wrote in her book, I'm No Angel, that both VS executives and the celebrities who attend the show treat the models like they're up for grabs. In one instance, though Bisutti was taken, a VS executive still thought she was open for play. From the NY Post:

"Apparently one of the celebrities at the after-party thought I was his type," writes Bisutti. "And this exec wanted to know if it was okay for him to pass along my phone number so we could 'get together.'

"I had heard that the owners encouraged the Angels to date celebrities because of the extra publicity it provided .โ€‰.โ€‰. but since I was happily married, I assumed they realized I was off the market."


Victoria's Secret quickly called Bisutti a liar. But what's clear are men like Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick are literally begging for a seat to the show and hoping for a shot to strut like a rooster and maybe snag a date.

And they let him in, so if you're famous enough, begging might work.


Jezebel's appointed Worst Man Alive Adam Levine goes to the show and even pulled a few girlfriends and a wife out of the deal, so it's fair to say that he's probably living many men's dreams.

But, when you look at things from the perspective of the models who are just trying to earn a paycheck, after a hard day's work, I probably wouldn't want to be corralled into a dimly lit room with handsy, desperate guys each trying out their best lines on me. That sounds like the seventh level of hell.

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