GIF via screengrab/Columbia Records

Filmmaker Matt Fulks sued Beyonce Knowles earlier this year for “lifting” elements (including visuals of stairs and parking garages) from his 2014 short film Palinoia for use in Knowles’s 2016 video album Lemonade. In the original complaint, he sought profits “‘attributed to exploitation of his work’ including a percentage of Lemonade sales.”

Nearly three months later, TMZ is reporting a judge has told the case, “Boy bye.” They write:

The judge said he considered filmmaker Matthew Fulks’ argument that “Lemonade” ripped off his work, and decided to toss the case...It’s unclear why the judge rejected Fulks’ suit, [but] he says he’ll dish details later.

I’m assuming the reasons include things like, “What are you talking about, sir?” and, “I’m sorry, is this a joke? Mr. Fulks, I’m a very busy man.”

For comparison’s sake, here’s a still from Palinoia:

Image via screengrab/Matt Fulks


And here’s a still from Lemonade:

Image via screengrab/Columbia Records

I’m just not seeing it.