The world is a dark and frightening place with little respite and, as such, you must cling to surprising, simple pleasures wherever you find them. If you're a gracious person, you might even be so kind to share your discovery with others so that they too experience this thing called "happiness." I am one of these gracious people. My discovery? The results that happen to pop up when you search "drunk woman," "binge drinking" or "woman vomiting" in a stock photo search engine.

This photo, captioned "Closeup portrait of young unhappy, annoyed, sick woman about to chuck, throw up, puke retch barf, hurl isolated on white background" is of a woman who is about to vomit daintily into her own palm. Like you do.

"Aggressive drunk woman driver holding a bottle of alcohol turning round in the drivers seat to glare into the back passenger compartment..."

Waifish wino experiences hangover through a Walden filter.

Self portrait.


The party never stops with this one.

Somehow Shutterstock has developed the technology to take photos of my future wedding night. Mazel tov, me!

Lede image via Shutterstock.