ABC's Mixology might very well be the Dads of midseason TV shows. This is a show with characters who repeatedly call women bitches or whores and who argue that men aren't real men unless they're slapping you across the face.

The reviews are in and they are not strong. Mixology "doesn't quite endorse rape, but it certainly has no problem with rape," wrote Margaret Lyons at Vulture. "Mixology is like they took Swingers and gave notes that said 'way more rape jokes, much meaner, add a beard,'" tweeted The New Yorker's Emily Nussbaum. "How does a network that skews female crank out a misogynistic piece of frat-boy awfulness like this?" asked Tim Goodman at The Hollywood Reporter. (Apparently by hiring Jon Lucas and Scott Moore of The Hangover, that's how.) "(Even typing it, I kind of can't believe I saw it.)" NPR's Linda Holmes said of one joke.

Well, don't ask us: judge for yourselves. Here are all the "best" "jokes" from Episode 1, most of them from Bruce, a self-described "disgusting" human being who still manages to have sex on a regular basis. What a wonderful world we live in.