Kate's boyfriend Jonathan was an untrustworthy asshole. He also happened to be very good at sex. He was so good at sex he could get her to do things she wouldn't normally do, things that will be made clear when you read the email that made her sufficiently complicit in the crapdom of the email that follows. (That we will be the first to admit she sorta had it coming to her.) Nevertheless we do not cast stones here at Jezebel, especially when it comes to someone who was dumped by the sender of the email the day after she had his abortion, only to begin dating a mutual friend of hers, only to ask the (at this point, formerly mutual) friend to marry him, only to commence fooling around with Kate again! (Her excuse: "I heart multiple orgasms.") Anyway, a few weeks ago she finally broke it off for good, only to receive this the other night.

well you might be upset about this.


well the pics you sent me. i sent them to a blog site sometime back. i was going to tell you about it but by the time i got the chance i forgot (I really did). well you are a huge hit on the site everyone loves the pics and they want more. i hope you are not upset at me. i didn't tell them your name or how to get in contact with you. the site is from Europe so no one will know you off of it.

i hope you are not mad at me for that. see i wasn't the only one who thought the pics where hot.