LinkedIn's 'Incredible Movies to Inspire Leaders' Are All About Men

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Steve Tappin is a CEO expert. We're pretty sure of this because he describes himself on LinkedIn as "CEO Xinfu, Host of BBC CEO Guru & Founder," He's also a "personal confidant to many of the world’s top CEOs." Steve is very popular.

Steve is also someone to trust, because so many CEOs trust him. His recent blog post, "Incredible Movies To Inspire Leaders," is recommended on LinkedIn's front page so that we can all benefit from Steve's wisdom and become CEOs ourselves. "If you want find fresh inspiration for your leadership, life and team then you will love this post featuring 15 of the most amazing and inspiring movies ever," he writes. You will especially love it if you are a dude, as 100% of these movies are about dudes.

"As we watch a certain movies they seem to tap into our spirit and deepest motivations," Steve continues. "I have noted below a few qualities that resonated with me, in order to guide you on movies you might not know. When you watch the movies, it would be great to think about and capture the qualities and emotions that they stir in you."


You could read the list, which runs the gamut from Gladiator to Schindler's List to Rocky to Braveheart, or you could just read The Toast's brilliant "A Day In the Life of a Troubled Male Antihero." OR you could watch some of our favorite inspirational movies, which include (don't judge): Yentl, The First Wives Club, Pan's Labyrinth, A League of Their Own, Nine to Five, and Erin Brockovich.


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Ari Schwartz: Dark Lord of the Snark

I know I'm a broken record with this shit, but...

Chihiro is only a child, yet she takes initiative and grows into her role, doing the work that nobody else wants to do. Starting from the bottom, she is the proverbial "rise-to-the-top" bootstrapper you wish you could be. She's never above scut work, and quickly demonstrates herself as a leader among gods (literally.)

When others did not see an opportunity for profit (the polluted river god), she takes the lead and makes a high-cost situation into a high-profit situation instead.

Nausicaa demonstrates unique insight into a large scale problem facing her organization, and effectively manages strife between her organization and competitors, while maintaining both her role as leader and keeping her subordinates safe and working hard toward the betterment of the entire group.

Most importantly, she's able to see problems and solutions on both a macro and micro level, and has special insight into keeping her organization healthy in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by giant insect monsters.

San is your prototypical maverick entrepreneur. Never afraid to stand up to the established players, she seeks her own path toward success. Even faced with the opportunity for selling out to a beloved industry colleague, she continues working toward her own goals.

Lady Eboshi is San's primary competitor for local supremacy, and beyond running an incredibly profitable women-run enterprise, she maintains a significant philanthropy position on the side, giving lepers wages and housing in an economic climate where they are otherwise given few opportunities. Some might call her a ruthless leader, but she sees the needs of her organization as the ultimate goal, and she largely achieves it.

Move over UPS! Kiki is an entrepreneur setting out to redefine the delivery landscape. Not only is she hard working and efficient, she's incredibly green (magic doesn't cause emissions like UPS or Fedex's fleets of planes do!) When faced with an emergency situation and apparent illness (the loss of her magic), she faces her problems head on, working through her challenges to be a true leader in witchery.

So yeah, you might say I love Ghibli films.