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"I Kissed A Girl" Is Beloved By Babies • Over-30 Broads Barred From Bar

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According to a recent poll, Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" is the third most popular song among UK moms who sing to their children. • Ill-fitting bras can not only lead to backaches, but headaches and indigestion. • The University College London has created an online test designed to test how much an individual is at risk of developing depression. •


• A group of eight female teens in Minnesota were charged on Monday with spitting at and groping the elderly residents at the nursing home where they worked at part time. • A new study claims that women's marital satisfaction increases as they get older and when their children leave home. • Guna Harangen, Norway's oldest woman, died on November 25. She was 109. • A former Swedish businessman is currently on trial in the UK for allegedly molesting a female passenger while she had an "orgy dream" during a transatlantic flight last year.• Two young men in Texas were sentenced to up to seven years in prison today for videotaping and coaxing a toddler to smoke pot. • Eleven Chinese girls died of carbon monoxide poisoning on Monday after they lit a fire in school to keep warm. • In a recent survey, Girl Guides, the English version of the Girl Scouts, said they want to clamp down on peer pressure to have sex and end airbrushing of models in fashion magazines. • is now offering text message alerts to let women know when they are ovulating. • On Friday, police in Naples, Florida stopped a 12-year-old girl from allegedly committing suicide while on a webcam website.• Heart attacks are both the No. 1 killers of men and women, but heart attacks and symptoms of an attack can look different to each sex. • A group of mothers, who were enjoying a night on the town with their daughters, were barred entry to a bar in Leeds, England because they were over the age of 35. • Eighty local men from Barre, Massachusetts posed nude for a calendar to raise funds for the Woods Memorial Library. • A new study says that almost 1 in 5 young American adults have a personality disorder that interferes with everyday life. • A new study in England has found that women from poorer areas are more likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer than women from wealthier regions. •

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Erin Gloria Ryan

Singing Katie Perry to a baby is nothing; I sing Ne-Yo's "Miss Independent" to my cat.