I have no words to describe the horror that is the video for the Hagyness-collaborated single "Who." Fortunately for me, Guardian fashion critic Hadley Freeman still has her wits about her as she fields a question from reader Martin Stam, who writes, "Can you please explain why the big fuss over that model Agyness Deyn? She's perfectly pretty but the excitement does seem disproportionate." RepliesFreeman: "Someone somewhere along the line decided that we need a new culture-by-way-of-fashion icon as a sort of generational figurehead... Don't get me wrong, I'm sure she's a lovely girl and, yes, a very pretty one. But with that peroxide crop and her love of DM boots and strange stretchy miniskirts, surely I'm not the only one baffled by all the adulation of this so-called "style maverick" when Roxette carved this niche with rather more aplomb almost 20 years ago? A little bit of overkill, yuhthink?" [Guardian, Fashionologie]


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