What do you do when you catch your teenager awkwardly engaging in frottage with his girlfriend? Do you fly off the handle and never let them out of their tower again, or do you bake the girlfriend a hilarious message cake to apologize for violating private time?

One mother, who values humor above all else, tried to make the best of an awkward situation by apologizing to her son's girlfriend with a cake that acknowledged the frottage ("I'm sorry we caught you dry humping our son") but also reminds her that everything's okay ("we still love you"). Carl Rogers would be proud at this display of unconditional positive regard.


One piece of advice to the mom who made this cake, though: As one redditor pointed out in the comments, "it takes two to dry hump" so maybe next time you make one of these ("Hey, anal sex is perfectly normal!"; "Sorry we fucked up your orgasm by coming home early!"; "The movie sucked and I had a headache"), maybe apologize for catching both people in the act, not just the person doing the humping, even though I appreciate the acknowledgment that being the humper is a lot of hard work. Have you ever dry humped someone? That is an intense aerobic workout!

Image via reddit