I Had A Dream Of A Convention With Sleep: Things I Failed To Appreciate

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When I started this week, I figured that I would be tired by the end of it but still excited to be here. I had no idea I would be so bone-tired by the time Obama gave his speech that I couldn't even begin to parse my feelings on it. But there were so many people to talk to, so many parties to go to, so much speechifying to watch (let alone blog), that I didn't have time to check in with our Unconventional Conventioneer, or post some of the cooler stuff I did or even really think critically about much other than my lack of sleep or my sunburn. So, after the jump, what I missed out on this week, besides a fuller appreciation that this was my view of Obama's speech.

  1. For one, seriously, I was tired as hell when I met Bill Hemmer, but I am usually better about remembering to get at least an email address when I meet a cute guy. This was a decision I regretted when I saw him outside the media security line on Thursday and he was looking ever cuter and I was sunburned, sweaty and stuck in line.
  2. Besides barely sleeping, I barely ate this week. And, while that's great for the fit of my pants — except when I'm out dancing and they start to fall off — it makes the tired thing way worse.
  3. Speaking of dinner, the one time I did actually attempt to go eat some, I met these awesome women and did an interview that I am now going to publish because they deserved to get written about before.
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Linda Crayton, Bonita Bell, Sheila Gilmore, Stacy Cole and Antoinette Leon had no idea when they asked to share my table at dinner that they would end up doing an impromptu interview, but they were too much fun to talk to not to share! For everyone but Linda, who has attended 6 conventions, this is the first convention for all of them. Antoinette told me, "It's a beautiful thing, being here with so many different women, sharing their experiences about how they got here, got to be a delegate, were never into politics but now want to make a difference in their communities." She thinks that it's a testament to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Sheila told me, "I wanted to come because I wanted to be a part of history. I wanted set an example for my children and their children." Bonita was encouraged by her friends to attend, and Stacy just felt she had to be here. Linda, who is a rather experienced conventioneer, said that this convention is different: "This is a historic convention in so many different ways — the first woman candidate to go this far, the first African-American man as the candidate, and the first time I've seen so many young people engaged in the political process." That, at least, is what Barack Obama is hoping for in November.

  1. I earlier mocked the free condoms distributed by Planned Parenthood, and I regretted forgetting to take them out every single time I opened my purse because they were so bright pink it was obvious and I feel stupid carrying condoms around especially when I had no intention of using them. But then a friend needed one, like, badly and I was all, yay Planned Parenthood!

    Our Unconventional Conventionaire and I ended up at all the same parties on Monday night, but only she had the balls for this:

    The insane ratio of men to women (and the conveniently alcoholic sponsorship) had me curious about what kind of shenanigans were going down - because aren't lobbyist parties the place where that sort of stuff happens? So while down in the below-ground bathrooms, I tried to bribe the bathroom attendant into spilling the goods, but it turned out she's a cheap talker because there wasn't a whole lot to spill. "Actually, it's really quiet down here," she offered helpfully. Which was true. And so there you have it: there was no sex happening in the bathrooms of last night's lobbyist party.

    This probably goes without saying, but I utterly, utterly regret having left my sunblock in my suitcase before waiting 3 hours in the line(s) to get into Invesco Field for the Obama speech. I'm not peeling yet, though.

    Not finding this bottle of wine myself:

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Not that I drink Pinot Noirs or anything bottled in 2007 (yet), but, still.

  1. I really regret that my one friend who knows Cyndi Lauper didn't introduce me.
  2. This guy was there live and in the flesh, but he was either too embarrassed to meet me or realized that I was insane and avoided me.
  3. Oh, and everyone who I've neglected to call, text or e-mail back this week, everyone that I missed seeing, forgot to get in touch with or seemingly avoided, I'm sorry, I wasn't ignoring you. Really. Well, maybe that one guy, but not the rest of you.



Sounds a lot like the tradeshow circuit... I once went 48 hours at a show in Orlando eating nothing but the free cookies that my hotel gave out (go Doubletree—those things are delicious!).

Thanks for making us all feel like we were there, and take care of yourself this weekend! What's good for the waistline isn't always so nice on the immune system...