Tara Sawyer is a 37-year-old British woman who says she's so addicted to the "buzz of pregnancy" that she will keep giving birth until her "womb falls out." Ew.

You can thank The Daily Mail for the visual of vaginal prolapse. The paper interviewed Sawyer, who has had seven children, four of whom are her own. "I didn't want anymore children but I was desperately craving the pregnancy," she said. So her solution was to become a surrogate. In the last two years she has given three children to childless couples.

Sawyer sort of uses pregnancies as a health program of sorts.

I feel at my best physically when I'm pregnant. I take vitamins, go swimming, do yoga and eat healthily. I hadn't made as much effort with my own pregnancies but the responsibility was bigger with someone else's child.

You can tell she's been hitting those prenatal vitamins because her nails (which are visible on The Daily Mail's site, as she's pictured fanning out several positive urine-soaked pregnancy tests) are natural and long.