Project Bush Wants to Get Pics of Your Vulva

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If you've got a bush and you want to show that bush to the world, you're in luck because Project Bush is a thing that exists and is happening and they want to photograph your "lovely lady garden".

According to the press release from creative agency Mother London, Project Bush is a "call to action for women to stand up to the pressures of modern society and present their bushes in all their glory."

They write:

Over the last month, Mother has been working with a number of feminist groups to launch a campaign to address the question of modern feminism - how does it manifest today, what are the challenges it faces, what does it mean to be a feminist?


This could be interesting or it could be a mess, depending on the minds behind the campaign. So far, they appear very enthusiastic. They add that "waxed or never tended, young, old, black, brown or white", they want it all!

Photographer Alisa Conan will document them all for a "major public exhibition" at Mother London, and all participants will be invited with their friends to a swanky private viewing. It's all anonymous, so never fear — your name, picture, phone number, and driver's license number won't be displayed next to That Which Is Most Sacred. We think. So... it might be kinda like the vulva cover of Honi Soit, but not censored and with fancy cocktails at the end.

If you want more info on the October 3rd event, you can email


Or, if you'd like to enjoy another type of Bush, please direct your attentions below:

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I for one love this idea. It's totally fine to be shorn of course, you do you. Although I must admit, deep down I usually don't buy it when other women claim they "prefer it shaved." Prefer it because your pubes DISGUST your partner? Well, that's not preferring something, that's being shamed into something and preferring no longer being shamed.

I concede that there are circumstances in which one might actually prefer it. But that can't possibly apply to the vast majority of women under 40 in the USA? Can it? AM I A FREAK?