Jessica and Monica are mother and daughter. They are both adult film actresses. They have teamed up, professionally. They engage in nude embraces. They shoot sex scenes together. They do two-on-one. They take turns sucking the same dick. They watch each other orgasm (or pretend to orgasm). But they swear that what they're doing doesn't qualify as incest—legally, anyway.

Collectively known as the Sexxxtons, Jessica, 56, and her daughter Monica, 22, recently gained a lot of attention with the release of their porno Meet the Sexxxtons and the launch of their members-only site (All links NSFW.) But with mainstream publicity comes a lot of criticism, mostly in the form of disgust. Jessica, however, claims that it is ridiculous that people are suggesting that there is anything "inappropriate" going on between herself and her daughter.

"There's nothing sexual about it, it is a mother-daughter relationship," she tells Radar Online, even though an episode featured on the pair's site, titled "Dinner Party" features Jessica and Monica completely naked, sitting next to each other on a table while two guys eat them out. That seems at least a little bit sexual.


What Jessica and Monica are more interested in getting across though, is that they are not committing incest, which is illegal where they live (Tampa, FL). They even had a "high profile attorney" consult with them about "what legally we can do and what we can't do."

"I think that most people are afraid to do it because of the incest implications but we're trying to make everyone understand that there is no incest," Jessica said.

But why get all weird and defensive about incest when you've already gotten all weird and offensive with incest? Isn't that the whole point of doing this mother-daughter porn duo thing? To freak people out and attract attention? Aren't they trading on the titillation that results from something so taboo?


Monica, who dropped out of school in the ninth grade, is the one who encouraged her mother to get into porn, and says that filming together was her idea. So, yeah, those are the kinds of ideas you have when you only have an eighth grade education. Stay in school, kids!

"I enjoy the sex and I enjoy being with my mom," Monica says.

I'm sure a lot of people can relate to that sentiment—but none of them would combine the two activities. Some things are not meant to be enjoyed together. Like cocaine and babies. Or baths and electronics. Not everything is chocolate and peanut butter.

But apparently, what the Sexxxtons are doing is working for them. Jessica says she has no regrets and even brags, "We're the first ones who have done this."

Hopefully they're the last.

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