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I don't know where this Obama campaign flyer came from but I don't think it was the actual Obama campaign. It cheered me up this morning. [Photobucket]


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I can't claim to know the intent behind this faux flyer. I can see how it could be interpreted as racist for reasons such those sjct mentioned. But the association s/he mentioned was not the first thing that came to mind (I was thinking more of a certain brand of teenage wannabe bad-ass white boy who likes to cuss and shit, just because it sound fuckin cool, goddam!), and is so completely ludicrous that anybody who sees it that way and gives it credence (in an accepting and believing way, not a critical observation kind of way) is so fucking ignorant that it wouldn't matter if John the Baptist himself came down from heaven to endorse Barry, they would still think that that Obama was a sneaky African Muslim nigra.

Holy run-on sentence. But y'all get what I mean, right?

And hey, y'all better go and vote the fuck outta that shit, you fucking dykes!