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"I Didn't Say I'd 'Kill You' — Are You Serious?"

Wow. More here and here.


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OMG REALLY?! I'm appalled at the accusations of racism and sexism flying around this board. She broke her racket, then she menaced and yelled at a judge, and after doing that went BACK to yell some more! What are they supposed to do? Be like, "Oh, well, she's one of the best players the game has ever seen, we'll just let it slide"? Or say, "Well, she's black and female, we can't call her on her misconduct"??

I mean, for fuck's sake people, she knows the rules of the game. And I'm sure she knows she lost her temper. Whether that second call was wrong or right, there are ways to challenge it without getting yourself ejected. Instead she lost her temper, and she lost the match. Plain and simple.