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I Can't Stop Looking at This Weird Russian Fashion Commercial

You remember how a month ago everybody on the Internet pretended they'd heard of the word "seapunk" and spent a (tedious) afternoon arguing over how/whether Rihanna and/or Azealia Banks was "stealing" from Tumblr "art" or whatever?


Everybody was wrong. This is an actual television ad that actually airs for an actual store in Novokuznetsk, Russia. The store is called Vikam — that's that word they keep repeating in the ad, along with "water," "earth," "life," and of course "work clothes" — and it sells work clothes and uniforms. In the space on the Weird Graphic Continuum between Yvette's Bridal Formal (RIP, Yvette's) and the insane Russian wedding photos, there is Vikam. Vikam is seapunk; everyone else is just an imitator.


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Anything Russian and totally surreal reminds me of the Master and Margarita.