I Can Haz Honeymoon?

Okay kids, I'm outta here starting tomorrow. (Honeymoon, Hawaiian Islands, Australia, and hopefully, hugs from my favorite animal ever, the wombat.) Dodai, naturally, will be running the site in my 2-week absence, and, in addition to our regular staffers, guest bloggers Megan Carpentier and Sadie Stein will be on hand to help out. But here's how you can help: Send these ladies tips. I am a neurotic, obsessive asshole when it comes to checking our news feeds and, as the other Jezebels will be busy writing, the worrywart in me is concerned that they will miss something extra-spectacular. (Not that I don't.). So please, keep your eyes peeled and your email outboxes well-oiled and send the stories you think we should do to tips@jezebel.com. I'll see all of you on the other side of the summer solstice.


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