"I am the kind of guy you fall in love with because of my looks & then you get to know me and start to wonder what you ever did to deserve me. Fucked up, huh?" That's from the Friendster page of Jason Preston, the 27-year-old boyfriend of designer Marc Jacobs, courtesy the latest fashion issue of New York. And yes, we said Friendster! Jezegay Ryan Creed informs us the social networking site that introduced America to the concept of the "open marriage" is still in use... among the gays. Luckily for those of us who don't remember our passwords, Jason has a customized MySpace page as well, bedecked with shots of Jason and Courtney Love, Jason and Rachel Zoe, Jason and an Olsen, Jason and a blond we think we're supposed to recognize but don't, and tonnnnns of pictures of Jason and Marc. (Say what you will about what they have in common: they definitely share a dislike for the armholes.) Oh, and the wallpaper is Louis Vuitton, obvs. [MySpace]

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