Whether you currently work or have worked, there's a good chance you've dealt with some real fucking asshole bosses. Now is your time to cleanse yourself of those bad feelings by sharing them with a whole bunch of people who have also worked for the Worst Goddamned Human Being Alive.

Mine was when I worked at a cafe and a male boss I had would make be bring him a daily bear claw (he'd make a roaring sound and pawing motion in my direction when he made the demand), and then say something like "And step on it, red!" Oh, I hated that guy — I hated him with the passion of a thousand suns. He also openly scratched his balls and then would reach into the pastry case and hand customers bagels. I just.


Your turn — either put it below or email me if you're like to remain anonymous (it's that bad!?). I'll share the best ones early next week. Blow me away with how heinous people in positions of power can be. Or, if you want to do reserve day, tell us about the time you worked as Tom Hiddleston's best friend and he paid you in rubies and kisses. Just be prepared for us all to hate you.