Saturday Night Social: You're Living In The Past, Jo!

We celebrate the 50th birthday of Our Lady Helen Hunt — or, as my mom knows her, "Is that Jodie Foster? Where are my glasses?" — by paying tribute to her greatest role, tornado-hunter Jo in the pretty fucking godawful Twister. Here is her most dramatic scene opposite Bill Paxton, who does not have his "cool guy" Titanic earring in but is wearing it in spirit.

Anyway, have a nice Saturday night! Drink your Zico and respect your elders. Yours forever, Anna B.

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Anyone here an older person who made the decision early on in life not to have kids and didn't change their mind? My friends say that I shouldn't ask my partner to get a vasectomy because we may change our minds. I never want to physically have them, and partner is stoked about the vasectomy-he hasn't wanted them since he was 12.