Forget everything you know about condoms (that's a load off your mind) (until a commercial tries to sell you condoms) and get ready to experience prophylactics as you never have before: As cooking and eating utensils. Your first erotic meal? Condom Meat Stuffing. Delicious!

The cookbook, entitled Condom Meals I Want to Make for You is available for purchase as an e-book and is supposed to encourage men (and women) to be more aware of using condoms in their sexual encounters. According to Dangerous Minds, Japanese men aren't the best at using condoms (probably because, like my dad told my mom, "it just doesn't feel good!" And that's why I'm here writing about it) and Kyosuke Kagami wanted to create a novel way to put condoms front and center into the public's consciousness. Well, that's a success.


I have no idea how many people will actually buy and use this book for anything other than novelty purposes (remember Natural Harvest?) , but the fact that it exists is a true testament to how far we have come as a species. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some potatoes to boil in a condom.