"I Am Dr. Tiller": A Moving Tribute

The murder of Dr. George Tiller has sparked many tributes to his life and his work, but perhaps the most powerful tribute of them all comes from IAmDrTiller.com, a memorial website devoted to Tiller's legacy.

Reading the site is an emotional experience: contributors hold up a sign reading "I Am Dr. Tiller" in order to cover their faces (for safety purposes, though a few contributors have chosen not to hide themselves) and tell a bit of their story, and why they continue their work, in spite of the threats and dangers from anti-choice individuals, in order to give readers a more human, honest view of what really takes place in clinics. As the site explains:

Here you will find stories of individuals who have dedicated their lives to making abortion safe, legal, healthy, and accessible to women and girls. These people may be nurses, counselors, escorts, volunteers at abortion funds, or abortion doctors themselves. You will not see the faces of these providers to protect their safety. What you will see is the story they decide to share - how they came to abortion work, what their function is at their abortion clinic, or their personal abortion story. We want to humanize these individuals to convey the kindness, courtesy, justice, love, and respect they have for women and the health care choices women make. We share our stories in hopes of ending clinic violence, to alleviate the shame associated with the abortion experience, and as an homage to Dr. Tiller's outstanding and courageous life work.


The shared stories are quite moving and inspiring, and a testament to the importance of Dr. Tiller's work and legacy. "I now have the opportunity to show those who would intimidate me into hiding, who would force me to abandon women and girls in need, that my conviction is stronger than theirs," writes one contributor, "I will not be ashamed. I will not be scared. And I will not ever forget the people who made these opportunities possible. I am Dr. Tiller." And we are forever grateful for it.

[I Am Dr. Tiller]

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