Husband-Of-Madoff's-Mistress Gives Weird, Passive-Aggressive Interview

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When Madoff's mistress "penned" that tell-all about their lackluster early-90s affair, we sorta wondered what her husband thought about it. Well, as the bard would have it, wonder on til truth (or the Daily Beast) makes all things plain!

An interview in the Daily Beast answers a few of our burning tepid questions: first, it seems Ron Weinstein ("a lean, youthful-looking salesman in his sixties with a full head of salt-and-pepper hair and a rather intense manner which he attributes to his ADHD") did indeed discourage his wife from writing the ill-judged Madoff's Other Secret, despite the fact that they'd been collectively cleaned-out by her boyfriend's ponzi scheme. Oh, and he only learned about the affair last year, after she started shopping the book.


Of the affair, he says he kinda gets it because his ADHD made him difficult to live with and sent him into rages, and because Madoff was rich and powerful. "Affairs are commonplace and shouldn't be such a big deal," he says. "However, having an affair with the person who is the biggest crook in the world and stole all my assets is another issue entirely."He hasn't read the book, but as long as it's out, hey, he hopes it does well. "Half of the profits are mine."

And then there's this, which is as inscrutable and complex as late Joyce - but we're guessing doesn't reveal much when actually analyzed:

Citing the Judeo-Christian principles "this country was built on," he says he told her, "I think the masses are not going to feel a whole lot of empathy for you. I don't think they understand. I read blogs, I read the comments, and I get nauseous. As hurtful as [the book] is to me, it was probably necessary or she'd be a basket case. It doesn't mean I have to agree with her, but I understand it. When people write these things on these blogs, what the hell do they know? They're looking at the surface." He describes the cliché-ridden attacks-"She cheated on her husband, she's a money hungry slut"-stops talking in order to collect his emotions, then explains: "I dislike the choice she made. I am not okay with it, but I try to understand it."

Oh yeah, no rage there! But, as he explains, bitchy as she may seem to the outside world, his wife is really in turmoil: she's depressed, her ego's been trashed by her financial losses, and all the publicity is "taking a toll" on her. In short, this is as passive-aggressive and creepy a few paragraphs as we've run across in many a moon. "She said it was her book and that if I wanted, I could write my own," says Weinstein, and adds that he's thinking about it. Now, on the one hand, there's something undeniably intriguing about exploring the dynamics of these affairs; while Weinstein is quick to deny any similarities between his situation and that of disgraced political wives like Jenny Sanford or Elizabeth Edwards, the very contrast in the dynamic - and his wife's - and the continued shame of being a "cuckold" in our society, is pretty hearty food for thought. That said, we're not sure anyone would line up to read The Secret Behind Madoff's Other Secret: My Wife Cheated On Me With Bernie Madoff 15 Years Ago, But I'm Not Bitter, Really.

Bernie Made Off With My Wife [Daily Beast]
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